4 Marketing Automation Ideas For Your Med Spa Practice

Marketing Automation Ideas

Every med spa practice can get busy over time, especially its marketing team. With everything a marketer needs to do, marketing automation simplifies how you do the job. With the right tool, you can maximize your automation strategy while giving yourself more time for other tasks.

Aesthetix CRM offers a complete solution for everything you need for successful med spa marketing and more. Here are four marketing automation ideas that can make your life easier.

1. Birthday Offer Marketing Automation

One of the most organic ways to connect with your existing patients is during their birthdays. It’s an excellent time to offer your med spa services to them, especially those looking to treat themselves.

Help them cherish these moments with an offer to make them feel extra special. 

How can you take advantage of this? For starters, you can use date-triggered auto-responses for birthday emails. You can also automatically add birthdays to your appointment reminders. Schedule a reminder to go off a few days in advance, then trickle down the messages as the date approaches.

An automated mailer can add an X percent off coupon to any appointment reminder, which is a nice bonus. This way, patients know they can drop by for a spa treatment on their special day. If they forget, the 20% off will make it easy to treat themselves.

Don’t stop by sending them an email. Instead of emails, text messaging gives customers a more convenient and immediate way to redeem your offer. A mobile-ready birthday discount motivates existing patients to purchase and drives more word-of-mouth recommendations.

Sending birthday SMS messages to patients is one of the easiest ways to boost retention. 

You can boost retention by automating reminders that will drive your customers to return for treatment. Your loyal patients will also keep returning, as many patients are more receptive to engagement efforts during their special days. 

2. Facebook Lead Generation Form

One challenge marketers face with social media is generating leads. A lead generation campaign is one of the most effective tactics for growing your customer base and generating leads. 

The Facebook lead generation form is easy to set up and builds your email list fast. In addition to the data you’ve collected, it lets you access more contact information that you can utilize. Unlike other sites where bots often scrape their data, Facebook forms are an effective way to gather qualified lead data. 

You can automate your marketing funnel with lead generation forms on Facebook. Here’s one big chance to convert leads and put your hard-earned effort into revenue.  

Once a new lead fills out the Facebook form and submits it, you can use the information to personalize their experience with the Aesthetix CRM Facebook integration. Send them a personal email, like “Thanks!” and a list of your services. The more personal you make it, the more potential you have to convert them. There are so many actions that can be triggered from a Facebook Lead Form automation in Aesthetix CRM.

3. Alle Points Reminders

Another way to nurture customer loyalty is with rewards like Alle points. Reward points are a vital way to incentivize your marketing efforts.  

When attracting new clients, people are more enticed by a discount or a gift card. However, these will only attract new customers. For long-term patient retention, the key is to leverage your most valuable asset – your loyal patients.  

You can use some form of a rewards program. These programs provide particular incentives to key clients. You can award them points for booking appointments, referring friends, or other actions. Remind them of their expiring points, when it expires and how they can use them.

If you have offers from Allergan and other reward points, use marketing automation tools to notify customers to give them a way to take advantage of your offers. This is a more straightforward solution than trying to accommodate every promotion for everyone. Instead, you can focus on rewarding the people who want to take advantage of the Alle program.

You can also use your email marketing program to promote your loyalty and referral programs. Make sure these campaigns list the benefits such as increased savings, service perks, and invites to special events.

4. 1 Year Filler Reminders

There are two ways to use patient anniversaries to your advantage. Use them to re-engage patients and increase their spending, or send them a round-up of their past treatments. If they had a service from a year ago like Juvederm, an annual filler reminder is a great way to get them back in the med spa.

These annual filler reminders are an excellent way to show you’re keeping track of past services. It reminds them of what you offer and how it benefits them. It also increases your credibility and legitimacy, which humanizes the business.  

This tactic provides an excellent opportunity to remind your patients of an anniversary message. You can schedule it a few months before, leaving them enough time to plan accordingly. 

An easy way to prevent scheduling conflicts is to send one-year filler reminders. Your patient advisors can follow up with existing or new patients with details on treatment plans. From there, you can provide details about your benefits and let them know about their financing options.  

A two-part approach can help you increase your appeal. Start with a “welcome back” welcome package, which can include new promotional offers, a reminder of their available rewards, and an invitation to book their subsequent follow-up. 

Boost Your Marketing Automation Today

Marketing automation is a robust process that allows all med spas to simplify their marketing plan. Automating repetitive processes or maximizing automation ideas can help you convert more for your med spa practice.

Overall, you should prioritize using marketing tools that help you finish more work in less time. A quality customer relationship management (CRM) system will help streamline your day-to-day activities. When used right, marketing automation can open a world of possibilities and opportunities for your growth.

Aesthetix CRM offers a variety of tools that make your marketing efforts more effortless than ever before. Try it today and see how our marketing tools can get your marketing to the next level!