Frequently Asked Questions

Every months we add complimentary messaging credits to your account based on what package you have selected above.  For example if you choose the Grow package, you get $120 in free messaging credits. The pricing below outlines how much each email, AI word, AI image, text, and call mins cost. Complimentary credits do not roll over every month.

  • Email Pricing – $0.0012 Per Email
  • Text Messages – $0.0103 Per Txt Segment
  • Outbound Calls – $0.0182 Per Minute 
  • Inbound Calls –  $0.0111 Per Minute
  • Call Recording – $0.0039 Per Minute 
  • AI Copywriting – $0.45 per 1,000 words
  • AI Image Creation $0.30 per image
  • All overages will be billed as they occur and your credits will be recharged a set amount that you can set in your company billing settings.
  • **Contact us for international pricing in UK, Canada, and Australia.

If you run out of messaging credits, there are no overage fees. Your account is billed either $50 (less than 2,000 contacts), $100 (2,000-10,000 contacts), or $250 (>10,000 contacts). These new messaging credits rollover if you do not use them all in the month they incur. The reason we bill in these amounts is so that for example if you are performing a text blast, you have enough funds to complete the marketing action. If we only billed in the very tiny amounts (i.e. $0.0103 Per Txt Segment) then that would be a lot of charges on your bank account that most vendors do not want, they would prefer a lump sum.

A2P, or Application-to-person messaging, is when a business sends automated SMS or MMS messages to a person or group of people. According to U.S. regulations, you must register your phone number as an A2P 10DLC campaign. Effective July 5, 2023, U.S. messages may begin being blocked if they are improperly registered. A2P 10DLC continues to evolve and our telephone partner, Twilio, continues to stay current with the updates. Thankfully, Aesthetix CRM manages the complexities of your A2P campaign registration. As of 5/30/2023, here are the current A2P fees:

  • Campaign Vetting Fee (One-Time): $15 
  • Monthly campaign maintenance: Depending on your contact database’s size and intended messaging usage, you will be registered as a Low Volume Mixed Campaign ($1.50 Per Month) OR a Standard Marketing Campaign ($10 Per Month).
  • Carrier Campaign Fees – Please review here

The fees outlined above are subtracted from the account’s messaging credits.

We currently offer the product in North America (USA, Canada, and Mexico), the United Kingdom, and Australia. 

*Please contact us for pricing

Enhanced workflow actions are our attempt to help you not use Zapier for some of the common uses like Google Sheets, Slack, Inbound webhooks, and Outbound webhooks. When using these enhanced workflow actions, you incur an additional charge. Pricing is outlined below. This is much more competitive than Zapier and you do not have to use them at all. None of our standard workflows are built with enhanced workflow actions.

  • Enhanced worflow action – $0.013 per action
  • $10 would get you 770 actions per month

Workflow AI is a way we have enabled you to utilize ChatGPT in automation without needing your own OpenAI api key. You are able to answer SMS messages, emails, create tasks, etc. using AI. The pricing is outlined below.

  • Workflow AI Action – $0.036 per action

Aesthetix AI chat assistant is a new platform integrated with Aesthetix CRM to enable you to deploy a chat assistant powered by ChatGPT and other future AI models on your web chat, instagram messages, Facebook messages, and Google Business messages. The chat assistant has a knowledge base that you can update to help it answer unique questions about your practice and treatments. Pricing starts at $199 per month.

Unlike other CRM platforms, we don’t bake in the variable pricing of emails, SMS, and call minutes. You have a standard amount based on the package you select and what you don’t use one month rolls over to the next. If you happen to go over, you pay the overage fees highlighted above.

We offer live chat support and a help center within the app. Our support team will answer every ticket within 24 hours with most tickets responded to within 2-4 hours.

Yes, all the data stored in the CRM is located on a server and database that meets the strict guidelines of HIPAA compliance. Emails are set up with HIPAA-grade encryption for transmitting sensitive materials via MailGun integration. However, how you use the platform specifically with PHI will dictate if the platform stays HIPAA compliant. You are responsible for using the platform in a HIPAA-compliant manner.

Hubspot, Keap, and many of our other competitors are large companies. We are a lean tech company that does not have investors breathing down our neck.