How To Build A Customer Success Team For Your Med Spa Business


As your practice grows, you will need to build a customer success team for your med spa business. With booming sales and marketing efforts come new customers and the need to establish a means to service your customers. In growing your med spa business, you must create a team to take care of your customers. The best way to handle their needs is to have a customer success team with you.

Customer success teams help keep clients happy with your services while managing expectations. Building the right team will not be easy, and you will likely encounter several hurdles. Here is how you find the right people for your med spa’s customer success team.

What Does A Customer Success Team Do?

Customer success teams help clients get the most value out of your services. They follow up after the client’s first visit and ensure they’re happy with their treatment. They assist customers along the way and can even schedule their next appointment.

Your customer success team is also responsible for helping your customers get the most from their products or experience with your medical aesthetics practice. With a customer success team, you build a way to keep clients engaged and encourage them to continue using your med spa services.  

You want a customer success team for your med spa business to help clients realize their full potential. Each member should deliver personalized communications to the customer’s needs and treatment plans in the context of your med spa’s business goals.

Building A Successful Customer Success Team  

Before you start hiring, you need to outline your job description. A med spa customer success manager needs to maintain a relationship with clients. If you’re looking for the right people, start by looking at your current employees. If someone shows promise, consider making them a part of your team, especially with their experience with existing customers.

Ask Your Customers What They Need

Building a customer success team for your med spa business starts with your customers. It’s crucial to survey your customers with their needs, asking how you can improve their overall experience. Listening to your existing med spa customers will help you determine your target market and respond to their requests.

As you research, list what your customers say, from what they enjoyed, to what made them come back. List down what’s missing from your offerings and highlight the trends of happy and unhappy customers.

Onboard Your Success Team

Once you’ve built a customer success team for your med spa, work on integrating them into the existing system. You’ll want to perform different training sessions based on the positions you’ve hired. Develop a plan and give each team member time to onboard and learn how your business runs. 

Let the team shadow client consultations and communications to help them understand your med spa business and brand. Allow them to experience every customer touchpoint, from the lead management team to the injectors.

Once everyone’s onboarded, discuss their goals, vision, and mission. In what areas do they excel? What can they do to help improve your team and customer experience? 

Understand The Customer Life Cycle

Customer success teams help customers at every stage, from researching your company to purchasing and using your products and services. You can customize each customer’s experience based on their stage.  

The first stage is where customers interact with your brand through various touchpoints such as Google My Business, Facebook or Instagram, your website, and more. Customers will look for ways to find your products and services depending on their preferred channel. After a prospect connects by sending a message on Instagram or requesting more information via your website, they become a lead ripe for follow-up. Marketing automation software for your med spa business can help you convert more leads into patients.

Once a patient has a consultation, your med spa’s customer success team can help them actualize their complete treatment plan. The customer success team for your med spa business can answer questions, handle issues, book appointments, and overall build a relationship with your clients. 

Arm Your Customer Success Team With Aesthetix CRM

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