Think Again on MailChimp & Constant Contact Email Marketing for Med Spas

Email Marketing for Med Spas

When it comes to email marketing, MailChimp and Constant Contact are leading the industry. Every marketer worth their salt knows how to use these two platforms. Regardless, not every industry needs them, as they’re not the right solution for med spas.

When it comes to the medical spa industry, MailChimp and Constant Contact are not the right solutions for you. They have several issues that you can’t go around, especially when it comes to the specialized needs of your practice. Here’s what you need to know.

Why MailChimp And Constant Contact Are Popular Email Marketing Tools for Med Spas

When it comes down to it, there are two significant reasons why most email marketers choose Mailchimp and ConstantContact. First, they’re both existing services and already used by companies around the globe. They have a large user base and a wealth of resources, making it relatively easy for new users to come to them. 

Second, the email templates that both platforms can create are pretty good. Both enable you to produce high-quality and attractive emails, regardless of your platform. It’s easy to drag and drop elements like images and text and even use the service for free, which appeals to most new0 business owners. 

What makes them so popular is that they fulfill two basic needs. First, they’re user-friendly and easy to start with little training. Moreover, the services are affordable, giving users various tools to help them improve their marketing efforts. 

However, the industries are very different. Medical Spas have unique needs, and it’s not as simple as using a few template bundles to create beautiful ones. The lack of customization is a significant drawback that can be problematic for many businesses. 

Disadvantages of MailChimp And Constant Contact

The shortcomings of MailChimp and Constant Contact are glaring, especially if you have a specialized market segment. They all boil down to a few things, which include:

  • Product pricing increases as you add contacts
  • HIPAA compliance
  • Lacks encryption
  • Difficult to automate

Let’s take a look at these problems. 

Product Pricing Increases As You Add Contacts

One of the most significant drawbacks of email marketing services like Mailchimp and Constant Contact is pricing. Instead of getting better as you add more subscribers, the price only goes up. This means the more features you want, the more you’ll have to pay monthly. 

Other companies have different plans, but most have a limit, which comes with a higher rate; the cost doesn’t just go one way. Since most medical offices can only charge so much a month, they are often forced to remove inactive clients manually.  

HIPAA Compliance 

Because of the sensitive health data you deal with, it’s vital to comply with HIPPA regulations. These rules are designed to ensure that any information you give out to patients is acquired legally. 

Unfortunately, these services don’t follow any policies at all. Since you’re not the one sending the marketing messages, it makes no difference if you’re using a tool or doing it by hand. You also need to ensure that you’re encrypting the data, which most don’t have the expertise to do.  

Lack of Encryption 

Another major issue with these solutions is their lack of end-to-end security. Because they don’t have end-to-end secure delivery, it’s impossible to guarantee the security of any patient health information you send out.   

This puts both you and your client at considerable risk. You’re taking a gamble that you aren’t violating compliance requirements. You’ll be held accountable if something goes wrong.

Difficult to Automate 

This is a major disadvantage that is often overlooked. Both systems are challenging to use with marketing automation. Sure, you can automate sending, allowing you to send a series of scheduled automated broadcasts. 

But if you want to set it up for automation, you’ll have to work through MC and CC’s often confusing automation setup. It’s not impossible, but it does require extensive knowledge of their systems.

Why Use Aesthetix CRM For Email Marketing

You need a more customized approach if you have customer issues that MailChimp and Constant Contact can’t resolve. Fortunately, there are several outstanding services out there that are designed specifically for the med spa industry, like Aesthetix CRM.

For starters, Aesthetix CRM specializes in helping medical professionals better accommodate their clients’ unique needs. We know what the industry needs from a CRM system and how it operates daily. As a system focused on medical practices, we understand your needs are distinctly different than run-of-the-mill organizations.

The platform also uses HIPAA-compliant email encryption, utilizing a Mailgun integration. All contact data is safely stored and encrypted within Aesthetix CRM, email messages are automatically stored in your dashboard, and your follow-ups are tracked alongside your client records.

A well-designed interface makes it easy to understand, especially for people who have never used a customer relationship management (CRM) package. Automation is easy, simple, and with as little fuss as possible. It allows users to segment their lists for targeted messaging, ensuring they can reach the right people with the right message.   

Lastly, pricing is simply better. You can start at $199 per month but with unlimited contacts and 30,000 emails per month. Then, if you need to send more, you simply pay per email at a minimal cost of $0.00096 Per Email.

Switch To Aesthetix CRM Today

The fact of the matter is that one-size-fits-all software like Mailchimp and Constant Contact doesn’t work for niche businesses, especially not those in the medical spa industry. All practices have different procedures, products, and specialties, so they need a custom solution that fits their needs.

Make a switch today.

Aesthetix CRM offers customer relationship management solutions made explicitly for med spas. With its HIPAA-compliant system, custom lead nurturing, and a centralized all-in-one inbox, you can maximize your email marketing in a snap. Talk to our support team now and see why it’s right for you.