3 Ways To Improve Customer Segmentation Marketing Campaigns


Customer segmentation marketing campaigns and personalization are hot topics these days, especially considering the emphasis on both by digital marketing vendors. While segmentation is vital in laser targeting the right buyer, is there no way to improve it? And how do you integrate segmentation into the customer experience?

Improving customer segmentation in your marketing campaigns helps you target the right people with the right message at the right time. Here are three ways to approach customer segmentation marketing campaigns to get the best results.

1. Collect And Organize Customer Data

Marketers have a massive amount of customer data at their disposal, yet often it’s not adequately organized or analyzed. We must collect, organize, and analyze customer data to meet customer expectations and build loyalty. 

Customer data is the basic building block of segmentation. The more you know, the easier it is to tailor messages to the right customer. You can improve your segmentation by organizing your customer data into different groups. 

An example would be organizing your customers by whether they were first-time clients or repeat patients. Another example would be segmenting customers by their treatment history. Good data helps you make better decisions and wastes less time. 

2. Utilize Marketing Automation 

The amount of data available today is staggering, and marketers can benefit from automation tools like marketing dashboards to organize and analyze the data. Marketers can create dashboards to track customers from acquisition to conversion. 

Marketing automation tools for med spas can help marketers use customer data to create more personalized and compelling messages. It can help you segment customers by record type, source, and other identifiable attributes. It can also help you deliver the right content at the right time to each customer segment. 

Marketing automation tools can be configured to send specific emails with a defined set of content to each segment based on the customers’ website interactions or history of purchases. This type of automation helps marketers better target their campaigns. 

3. Run A/B Split Testing 

Delivering targeted content isn’t always easy; sharing the right content with the right person is hard. To determine which content strategy is best, you must test them. One way to ensure you deliver personalized messages is to run split tests. A split test allows you to test multiple versions of a single variable (like a headline) to see which version yields the best results. 

Marketers can set up two versions of the same web page, show the same number of people the two versions, and then figure out which landing page converted the most customers. By testing different variations of your web pages, you can determine which variations deliver the best results. There are proven strategies to build an effective campaign landing page for your med spa. Using A/B testing, you can test multiple messages to the same market and select what works best for your target audience.

This will help you determine each customer segment’s most effective messaging type. Testing also works for testing your audience segmentation options. You may test and refine your segmentation regularly.  

Maximize Your ROI With Customer Segmentation Marketing Campaigns

Segmentation can be a very effective tool to convert more leads into patients. And you don’t have to be an expert marketer to implement customer segmentation marketing campaigns. Aesthetix CRM makes it easy to organize and segment your contacts into smart lists like patients, leads, and consults.

Segmentation is the cornerstone of personalization. Medical aesthetics practices that create more personalized, relevant, and targeted messages will ultimately convert more leads into patients and continue growing the lifetime value of those customers.