Med Spa Software Comparison: Growth99+ vs. Aesthetix CRM

Aesthetix CRM vs. Growth99+ Med Spa Software Comparison Featured Image

The options can be overwhelming when choosing a customer relationship management (CRM) system for a medical spa or plastic surgery practice. Two popular choices are Aesthetix CRM and Growth99+. While both platforms offer robust features to help manage patient relationships, Aesthetix CRM is purpose-built for the aesthetics industry, making it a better, more tailored fit.

Aesthetix CRM was explicitly created for medical spas, plastic surgeons, and cosmetic practices to optimize the entire patient journey. Everything from the interface terminology to built-in workflows is customized to mirror common aesthetic patient paths. Features like automated lead nurturing, an all-in-one inbox, and phone call management create effortless follow-up during long conversion cycles, which is common in elective treatments.

In contrast, Growth99+ serves clients across various industries, including medical, meaning its design and capabilities must meet broader needs. While Growth99+ offers versatility, this generalist approach lacks the nuanced specialization that Aesthetix provides out-of-the-box for aesthetic brands.

Aesthetix CRM’s focus on aesthetic-specific marketing and sales features sets it apart when evaluating the two platforms. A few prime examples include:

Automated Lead Nurturing

What is automated lead nurturing? It’s the secret to your success and why many practices choose Aesthetix CRM. Aesthetix CRM was built by sales and marketing veterans in the aesthetic industry. They saw so many practices struggling to follow up with leads, especially those generating many leads (over 100 per month).

That’s why we developed a completely automated follow-up process for practices. Gone are the days of sending manual emails and text messages. Our system helps you automatically follow up with new leads and continue drip to leads showing no interest until they do. Our automated system also created phone call tasks so that you can add that vital tool to your follow-up process. Our automatic follow-up process decreases time spent on follow-up by up to 20 hours per month and has shown increases in conversion rates by up to 50%.

All-In-One Inbox

Have you tried having ten tabs open to monitor your Facebook messages, Instagram DMS, emails, and text messages? You came to the right place because Aesthetix CRM’s all-in-one Inbox allows you to have all those communications in one place. Clients love the Inbox because it makes it so easy to respond to all those messages in one place. You can see all messages (automated & manual), update opportunities, detail notes, manage tasks, and more, all from one view.

Integrated With Your EMR & Booking System

Automation is excellent until it makes you look dumb. We help you avoid sending that next follow-up message after someone has booked by completely integrating with your EMR or booking system. Our integrations with Boulevard, Zenoti, MindBody, Square, and more show us when an appointment is booked, and we automatically unenroll them out of the follow-up + move them to the Booked stage of the pipeline.

Close The Loop on Marketing ROI

Another massive advantage of integrations is the ability to close the loop on marketing ROI. What does that mean? Well, have you ever wondered if your ads are working or if your SEO working? With our integrations into Boulevard, Zenoti, MindBody, and Square, we can easily trigger automation based on an order or invoice being paid in those systems. This allows us to mark opportunities as won and move leads to the Patient stage. We can also track those invoice paid amounts and calculate patients’ lifetime value. This allows you to see how well your different lead-generating activities are doing.

30-Day Guided Onboarding

Getting started on a new software can be daunting, especially with excellent marketing and sales features like Aesthetix CRM. This is why we require an onboarding fee and a customized setup for your practice over the first 30 days. Over those 30 days, we will do the following:

  • Setup your account with over 100+ workflows
  • Customize  over 100+ email and text templates
  • Import all of your lead and patient data into the system
  • Set up all of your custom integrations
  • Help you integrate your existing advertising campaigns
  • 3 – 1 hour training and onboarding calls

Regarding our onboarding process, you get what you pay for, and we can guarantee you will be happy once you are up and running.

Marketing Features Galore

So many clients choose Aesthetix CRM just for the automated follow-up and sales features, but the marketing features in Aesthetix CRM are unbelievable. Most practices can eliminate 3-5 software with the marketing features available in Aesthetix CRM. The most used features include:

  • Email Marketing Campaigns (Get rid of Mail Chimp or Constant Contact)
  • SMS Marketing Blasts (Get rid of Simple Txting)
  • Social Media Planner (Get rid of HootSuite or Buffer)
  • Landing Page Builder (Get rid of Instapage or other landing page builders)

That’s just the tip of the iceberg, and the list of marketing features only continues to grow at Aesthetix CRM.

It’s Simple: Choose Aesthetix CRM over Growth99

While Growth99+ provides a generally capable CRM for medical brands, Aesthetix better meets the unique needs of running an aesthetics business. The entire system – from terminology to features – provides targeted support at every patient touchpoint. This purpose-built approach translates into higher conversion potential, better lead management through organized follow-up, and a better understanding of marketing ROI to drive new business for medical spas and plastic surgery practices.

When comparing the two tools, Aesthetix CRM is simply better optimized for aesthetics. The tailored functionality allows staff to create personalized, branded experiences that wow clients. And the systemization of client management saves employees time while still delighting patients. For any growing aesthetic practice looking to scale smoothly, Aesthetix CRM’s specialization gives it the advantage over the more generic Growth99+.