Email Marketing Tips to Improve Your Open & Clickthrough Rates

email marketing tips to improve open rates and clickthrough rates

Practicing good email marketing means you send emails with genuine value to those who receive them. Regardless, with so many businesses fighting for space in people’s inboxes, you’ll see your message blend with the others. You might even find encouraging your potential audience to open your message challenging.

If you’re wondering how you can boost your open and clickthrough rates, we have several simple email marketing tips you can use. Here are six tips that can help improve your open and clickthrough rates to get you more leads and maximize your business.

1. Utilize Email Opt-In

When people visit your website, one of the best ways to capture an audience is through email opt-in. Your email opt-in form should be one of the first things people see when they visit your website. Get them to sign up for your newsletter or email list. 

A correctly set up email capture form, whether one-step or two-step, affords you subscribers interested in what you can offer. On the other hand, a poorly developed website with poor navigation and a confusing layout can also hurt your chances of getting people to sign up. 

Keep your website design clean and use contrasting colors, clear headers, and footers to help visitors quickly navigate your site.

2. Do Not Buy Email Lists

You might be tempted to buy an email list to build your subscriber base. Many of these emails are already in someone else’s database. While you might have success buying lists, your emails will likely end up in the spam folder, and these recipients will be less likely to engage with your brand. 

Buying email lists can cause your domain to be flagged as spammers, especially within countries with strict email privacy laws. This can affect your email deliverability and also cause your sender score to decrease. 

There are several methods to build your email list. You can encourage your readers to sign up when they leave a comment on your blog. You can also obtain email addresses from potential customers when they fill out forms on your website.

Instead of buying lists, it’s better to create a lead magnet, such as a content upgrade or downloadable PDF, which encourages people to sign up for your email list. 

3. Write Clear And Clickable Subject Lines

No matter how many emails you send, your subject line will determine if your recipient opens the email or sends it straight to the trash. The subject line is the first thing your audience sees when receiving an email. Grab their attention with the part of your content that shows them what they’ll get when they read the message. 

It might seem simple, but creating a compelling, persuasive, and actionable subject can be easier said than done. The golden rule is brevity. Don’t beat around the bush and be as concise as possible. 

The best-performing email campaigns have compelling, urgent, and intriguing subjects. When crafting yours, consider:

  • What type of pain point are you solving?
  • What benefit will the email provide? 

Your headline should be so irresistible that your readers are compelled to open it. 

4. Add Alt Text To All Your Images

Showing an image as is in your email newsletter is perfectly acceptable. When designing your newsletters, however, it might help to add alt text to all your graphics. Adding an ALT tag for images allows for better accessibility for users with visual disabilities. 

When you send an email campaign, the text included makes up the body of your content. Your images, on the other hand, serve as another form of asset to attract your viewers’ attention. 

Adding alt text to your images and links can help your SEO. The Google search engine can read the visuals, which can help improve your clickthrough rate. Since your primary goal is to get people to click on your links and go to the next step, the keyword should be relevant to the landing page. 

5. Preview And Test Your Emails Before Sending Them

Even though you may have created a highly engaging and intuitive design for your blasts, they might not always appear as you expect on the receiver’s side. To guarantee you have a clean copy, it’s good to preview and test each of your campaigns’ appearance before sending them out. 

Gmail and other email clients tend to add formatting to messages automatically. To avoid this issue, look at your blast in different apps and browsers. This can help you view the version your receivers will be able to see when they open up the email and save you from sending the message to the wrong inbox. 

It’s also wise to read the text and proofread for spelling and grammar errors. Finally, don’t forget to check all the links and double-check the CTA buttons. 

A clean, responsive, and mobile-optimized design is more attractive to readers. The cleaner and easier to read your messages are, the better your chances are of persuading them to take the action you want them to take. 

6. Clean Up Your Contact List With Bounces, Spam Reports, Etc.

Your contact list holds all of the addresses of your subscribed and non-subscribed customers. If the file has incorrect, incomplete, or invalid information, it can fail to deliver or go on a blacklist.  

As you know, getting blacklisted is damaging in many ways for the success of your campaigns and your organization as a whole. If it happens, you may need to purchase a new domain even if you have had these issues.  

Make sure your unsubscribe process works correctly. Follow the request if a customer asks to be removed from your mail. Avoid sending too many messages to one customer. Instead, separate them into smaller batches.  

Take the time to clean up your contact data regularly. Doing it once a month or once every quarter is more than enough. This will keep you organized and save time when managing your marketing campaigns.  

Boost Your Email Clickthrough Rates Now

The success of your email marketing campaign depends on the quality of your work and how you convince your audience to click your emails. Follow these valuable tips to help improve your open and clickthrough rates and determine if your strategies are working. Do these strategies sound easy to implement? If so, then it’s time to get started on them with Aesthetix CRM!