How Aesthetic Practices Should Use Automated Drip Campaigns

Drip Campaigns Email Marketing Strategies

Growing aesthetic practices are actively trying to build their mailing list, which then triggers automated drip campaigns. A good automated drip campaign nurtures your leads while delivering highly valuable emails that convert them to patients. Here’s how aesthetic practices can use automated drip campaigns to engage leads and maximize conversions.

Integrating Drip Campaigns Into Your Website

Automated drip campaigns are an integral part of any website. While you can have a form for people to subscribe to your list, why not integrate it directly into the website through a pop-up or banner ad? 

For example, a plastic surgeon’s office may want their popup to appear when a visitor reads a blog post. That way, the reader is engaged, and the popup will appear when the reader is most likely to subscribe. 

This is an excellent idea for aesthetic practices because each time someone visits the site, they will see the subscribe button. They may not subscribe the first time, but the more they visit, the greater chance they will. 

Aesthetix CRM makes it easy to integrate your website with our native forms, or our Zapier / Integrately integrations can help you connect major form builders like Gravity Forms.

Communicate Based On Visitor Action

Drip campaigns are easily adjustable. In this time of automation, a smart aesthetic practice will cater their drip campaign to their intended audience. You may want a series of emails introducing a lead into a process and another drip campaign guiding them through it.  

There’s no hard and fast rule; it’s all based on your aesthetic practice’s needs. But, regardless of the type of drip campaign, you decide on, knowing your audience and tailoring your campaign helps nurture leads towards conversion.  

You would want to build email triggers based on your visitors’ interaction with your practice. For example, welcome emails are the best for first-time visitors that have no previous interactions with your practice. You would want to send educational information and everything they need to know to be a part of your community.

On the other hand, first purchase triggers happen when someone buys a product or service from you for the first time. At this point, an immediate thank you email, and complementary information adds more value to their purchase. This can be an upsell or a simple thank you email that connects them to your community.

Optimizing Drip Campaigns For Your Aesthetic Practice

Drip campaigns are an effective way to nurture your leads. However, they get lost among several other emails you send daily. Optimizing your drip campaign involves making it as attractive as possible, with compelling subject lines and eye-catching content.  

An effective way to optimize your drip campaigns is by segmenting your mailing list. By creating targeted Smart lists in Aesthetix CRM, you can ensure relevant; valuable emails are sent to the right audience, which delivers greater results. It’s common sense that if an offer or piece of content is not relevant to the target audience, it will get lost in a pile of irrelevant emails.   

Targeted emails ensure that your leads and customers read the emails that add the most value to their engagement. This relates to knowing your audience and understanding how they interact with your brand. 

When you segment your mailing list, you can tailor your message for the segmented audience. This allows you to send them relevant information that adds maximum value. You may want to include additional information on an event for leads that have signed up. They need to know the location, time, and if it’s free, paid, or requires registration.

Adjust your drip campaigns according to the campaign’s performance, taking what works and adjusting areas that don’t.

Maximize Your Automated Drip Campaigns Today

A lead’s journey doesn’t end when they sign up for your mailing list. Drip campaigns effectively build trust, engage leads, and take them through conversion.  

Drip campaigns are a powerful way to nurture your leads, converting them to customers and educating them about your product. Integrate it with your marketing campaign and see greater results with your email efforts. 

Drip campaigns are super easy to set up via Workflows on Aesthetix CRM. If you are interested in learning more, set up a demo with our support team, and we can walk you through it.