Top 5 Marketing Agencies for Med Spas

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Are you searching for the top med spa marketing agencies? It’s easy to find a digital marketing team anywhere on the internet, but there aren’t many that cater to the medical spa industry. The few serving the industry would need to offer specific services to maximize your business’s capabilities.

With that said, if you own or operate medical spas, you want marketing that knows your brand and how to tell its message. Here are the top five marketing agencies for med spas looking to improve their visibility.

1. Plastix Marketing

Plastix Marketing is a full-service agency. They are the “go-to agency” for medical spas and plastic surgery practices that are serious about improving their ROI. They know how to make your practice visible to your ideal client and convert strangers into patients by following a simple and proven strategy.


Plastix Marketing believes that every brand has a story to tell. Their digital marketing agency is dedicated to helping customers generate more leads, optimizing and implementing their marketing strategies. 

What makes this marketing agency unique is its willingness to push its leads. Rather than simple lead generation, Plastix aims to work with med spas to close leads into new patients while they provide positive referrals & word of mouth. As a result, they boast a 1000% increase in website traffic, including 805% inbound marketing ROI.

Their growth marketing strategies are top-class, which is what every medical spa and plastic surgery practice would want to see in their marketing agency. Plastix Marketing is also the only Certified Partner currently using the Aesthetix CRM platform.

2. Influx Marketing

Influx Marketing is a full-service medical spa marketing agency that focuses on helping plastic surgeons and med spas grow their practice. The marketing agency boasts a team of SEO experts, analysts, and strategists that focus on assisting several types of medical and aesthetic procedures. 

Their main goal is to help their clients reach their campaign goals through “purpose-built websites” and “proven patient acquisition strategies.” They offer a combination of industry focus and high-quality web design to help build valuable traffic.

Influx Marketing boasts several numbers, including a 300% increase in patient inquiries and a 250% increase in organic traffic. In addition, their focus on SEO allows them to help clients generate website traffic increases and lead gen.

3. Growth99

Growth99 understands how important med spa marketing is. The company aims to help its clients build their brands, improve their visibility, and generate new patients. Their med spa marketing consultants consider their client’s brand, business goals, and target audience.

They also consider their client’s industry outlook and their available marketing resource. Once they understand the client’s wants, the company creates marketing automation strategies to help the clients reach their business goals.

Growth99 also hosts a review scan for free, generating a helpful instant reputation report to improve the success of your marketing efforts.

4. Doctor Logic

Doctor Logic is a digital marketing agency that offers a specialized process that utilizes a practical web design philosophy to increase the visibility of your business. They understand how important effective marketing strategies are for the med spa and plastic surgery industry.

Their design template makes them unique, which allows the company to use a streamlined design aesthetic that works well with medical practices. As a result, doctor Logic boasts as many as 375% of the Top 20 Google Keywords for their clients, a 283% boost in website traffic, and a supportive staff that ensures every client reaches their goals.

5. Studio3 Marketing

Studio3 Marketing is a digital marketing agency that focuses primarily on helping medical and aesthetic practices. They offer high-end digital marketing and web development services to plastic surgeons and aesthetic practices.

Studio3 Marketing offers high-end custom marketing, ensuring that their client’s calls, emails, and forms generate leads. Based on the client’s services, the marketing agency boasts several services that most digital marketing solutions don’t provide, from design and branding to photography and video production.

Their digital marketing solutions deliver measurable results, which should bring more and more patients into your practice.

Find The Med Spa Marketing Agency For You

These five med spa marketing agencies are among the best in the digital marketing industry. They focus on offering effective marketing strategies to help their clients reach their business goals.   

Not only do they focus on offering innovative and effective digital marketing strategies, but they also offer consultation services and custom marketing solutions for aesthetic practices and med spas.